What's the best way to contact you?


Everything is sold out. How can I make a purchase?

I update my shop with a new batch of items every two weeks. The next update date and time are listed in my instagram bio. Updates usually sell out in minutes. I recommend to anyone who wishes to make a purchase, to have your Shopify account set up ahead of time and make sure all your info is correct. All items become available at once when the hour strikes, therefore I advice people to refresh the page on the hour.

 Do you take custom orders?

The short answer is no. I don't accept custom orders from random people who message me about it. My reasons are as follows:

1. I don't have the time or energy to create special orders for everyone who asks for one.
2. In my experience, custom orders often come with complications that I won't go into detail about.
3. My priority is to supply my updates with a certain number of items, so that enough people are able to buy something.


I do create custom orders on occasion, however. I offer them to my frequent customers as a thank you for putting in the effort to regularly purchase items from the updates. I consider a frequent customer to be someone who makes a purchase every few months. After a handful or so of purchases, I will send a note with a custom offer. If you realize that you qualify for this offer, but you haven't received a note with any of your purchases, please feel free to email me to discuss it.

Another way to score a custom order is by paying attention to my instagram posts. I periodically offer them to the first person/people to claim it. I also hold monthly raffles for charity, some of which are custom figurine prizes.

Can I reserve an item?

No. It would be unfair to everyone else. I only reserve custom orders.


I had an item in my cart and tried to check out with it, but now the item says it's sold out. Why isn't the item held for me once placed in my cart? 

Shopify doesn't hold items in carts. The item is only yours once the transaction has been completed. The best way to ensure that you're able to make the purchase is to be prepared with all your info beforehand. I recommend setting up a Shopify account and making sure all your info is correct.


How much are your pieces?

My prices reflect the time it took to create the piece and the materials used, so the amount varies. Most figurines are priced between $70 to $160. Larger, more detailed figurines can be closer to $200 or more. Sculpted necklaces are usually around $70, give or take. I also sell wooden moon orbs, which come in various sizes, so they can range from $50 to $110. All prices for upcoming batches of items are viewable in my shop at least an hour before updates occur.


What materials do you use?


I sculpt each piece individually with super sculpey clay. I paint each piece with regular craft acrylic paint and then seal the paint with varnish. Sometimes I use crystals, gems, stones, or other findings. I frequently get asked about what I use for the eyes of my creatures. I prefer not to divulge that information, because I feel it's one of the key ingredients that makes my pieces unique. 


Do you offer advice or tutorials?

No. There are a lot of people online who are good at teaching and who dedicate their time to tutorials. All my time is dedicated to creating my pieces, photographing them, listing them, and posting them on social media. I can't afford any time to teach, make videos, or answer questions about materials and methods. 


Are you on social media?

I'm on instagram. You can see a lot of my works in progress and creative plans there. It's my favorite social media platform, so I'm there every day. 

When will my order ship? 

All ready to ship items are shipped within 1-3 business days. For prepaid, custom items, you will be notified as to when the item will ship. 


I'm an international customer and I just received my order. Why did I have to pay an additional fee to get the item released to me? 

All imported goods have to go through your country's customs department, and are subject to customs fees. Customs fees are taxes levied by your government on imported goods. The amount you're charged is decided by your government, and 100% of the money from those fees goes directly to your government. I have absolutely no control in this manner. 

Some places (EU, I'm looking at you!) have exorbitant customs fees, so it's good to keep this in mind when you're shopping online. Some people have had to pay fees as high as 30% of the original cost of the item. It's pretty crazy. 


Will you mark my items as a "gift" on the customs form, so I don't have to pay customs fees? Can you mark the customs form with a lower value so I can avoid a customs fee?

It can't be done. It is mail fraud to falsify a customs form, and to do so carries a penalty of up to $10,000 fine and 5 years imprisonment. 

(13 U.S.C. § 305 : US Code - Section 305: Penalties for unlawful export information)



I accept PayPal, credit card and debit card payments. 

Payment must be made in full and have cleared before the item is shipped. If you are having any issues with Payment please do not hesitate to contact me and I will assist you in any way that I can.



I ship to the address provided as the "shipping address" at checkout. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE INFORMATION IS ENTERED CORRECTLY to ensure accurate delivery of the pieces. If you realize you made an error in your address, please contact me as quickly as possible. 

IMPORTANT: If the post office returns a parcel to me unopened, by no mistake of my own (marked "return to sender","moved- address unknown" etc. ) a refund will be issued & the item(s) resold. 

Items arrive packed neatly in a sturdy box, wrapped in bubble wrap. I do not include receipts unless requested.

Please go to The USPS website to track or via the postal service website for your country. Shopify's tracking will not show international parcels once they leave the United States.



If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible. 


Customers with items that are lost or damaged in transit must contact me as soon as they're aware of the issue. If too much time has passed without contact, I may decline a refund. Damaged items must be sent back in their original packaging in order to receive a refund. All shipping costs will be reimbursed.



My items are intended for adult collectors. Though cute, they are not meant for small children. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones.