About WhimsyCalling

WhimsyCalling was created by me, Dayna Corbitt. I have always been the sole designer, creator, and seller of the pieces made under the WhimsyCalling name. I opened my shop originally with Etsy in 2013. That is when I began my journey with polymer clay.

I started sculpting with very little knowledge on the subject. I was inspired to buy a box of polymer clay and try it out. Following the instructions on the box, I managed to create a few rough, but whimsical pieces. For whatever reason, I avoided tutorials, but would occasionally search for baking and painting advice online. I feel that my self taught method has helped me hone in on a style that is uniquely my own.

People ask me where I get my inspiration from. That question is so difficult to answer. There really isn't any one thing that stands out, besides an imaginative childhood mind and living in this world full of beauty and wonder. Growing up, I played outside a lot and loved climbing trees, playing with rocks, and studying insects. When I was indoors, we did some pretty heavy movie watching. My favorites were, (not surprisingly), The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Never Ending Story. 

This venture is my full time job. I dedicate anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week, working on my art. When I'm not doing that, I'm often thinking about it. I never imagined that I could be a full time artist, before WhimsyCalling evolved into what it is now. I'm so grateful to be here, doing what I love. My hope is to create bits of whimsy that ignite the imagination and cause that inner child to smile and shine through. Thank you for reading.